DIY Plumbing and Heating?


Have you turned on a tap lately? Or felt cozy warm inside your house on a blustery day? We have plumbing and heating professionals to thank for that. When you think about how important plumbing and heating are to our daily lives, it’s surprising how much the average person undervalues the professionals that make sure these things work for us.


It’s a common misconception that something you do yourself is money in your pocket. This couldn’t be further from the truth when it comes to highly necessary and intricate systems like heating and plumbing. Here’s why it’s best to call the professionals the next time you need a plumbing or heating job completed:


  1. Knowledge and experience matter. You could spend hours trying to complete a job and still be frustrated, but a professional would be able to handle it with ease. You have your strengths too, so it’s best to do what you do best and leave your plumbing and heating needs to the professionals.
  2. You need to have the right tools. Professionals know which tools and parts they’ll need to get the job done. Some of these tools can be costly and aren’t worth purchasing for how little you’ll need to use them, and attempting to do the job without the proper tools could lead to disastrous results.
  3. Value in = Value out. Attempting to do a repair yourself or hiring someone without a license may seem like a cost savings at first, but having a job done wrong will result in more costs down the road, or worse, high cost damage like flooding, or frozen pipes.
  4. True professionals are licensed and insured. Licensing and insurance is meant to not only protect the plumbing and heating professional, but the consumer as well. Companies and individuals that are insured are required to have proper certifications, indicating that they are competent in their field, and insurance will help to protect both parties should anything unexpected happen.


There are several other reasons that hiring a professional is the best way to go, and your local plumbing and heating company will be able to help you discover those reasons. So put down that wrench, pick up the phone, and call Century Plumbing and Heating.


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