Hydronic Heating for your Home or Commercial Building


Hydronic heating is often overlooked for our homes and businesses these days because of the prevalence of forced air heating in the North American market, but there are many advantages to hydronic heating that you might not know about. For example:

  1. Hydronic heating is very energy efficient. You don’t need to heat your whole house or building and can set the temperature in each room to your liking. So if you don’t use a part of your building much or everyone in your house likes to sleep at different temperatures, you can save energy and keep everyone happy at the same time. Coupled with this, hydronic heating provides not only heating for your home but also provides hot water for domestic use. Due to hydronic systems being energy efficient and eco-friendly, their fuel consumption is less and is more effectively used than forced air systems. Although it depends on the application, is it usually agreed that radiant heating systems are 20 to 40% more energy efficient than other heating systems.
  2. It’s quiet. Forced air heating can be very noisy as a furnace turns off and on throughout the day or runs continuously.
  3. You can set temperatures for individual zones. Hydronic heating is very versatile in the fact that it can provide personalized temperature control throughout your home using multiple zones. This unique setup allows each room to be set at different temperatures, for instance, parents and children can customize their bedroom temperatures to their liking while the kitchen and the living room can be set to a temperature comfortable for everyone. In addition, you no longer have to worry about keeping the doors closed to keep in the heat because radiant heat does not provide a burst of air that pushes the warm temperature out and into a space you do not want heat.
  4. It has added comfort benefits. Hydronic heating pipes can be installed beneath floors to create radiant heating from the ground up. Since heat rises floors tend to be cold with forced air heating, but floors equipped with hydronic heating will make you feel much warmer and you’ll lose a lot less heat.
  5. It’s healthier. Forced air systems can be known to move a lot of dust and allergens around in the air, especially if filters are not changed frequently. Hydronic systems have no need to push air around a building resulting in you breathing in less dust and allergens.
  6. You choose what source you use to heat the water. Another benefit of radiant heating is that a variety of heating equipment may be used to heat the water: natural gas or propane water heater or boiler, electric boiler, wood boiler, heat pump, solar collector or even geothermal energy. This allows the homeowner the option of choosing the type that best fits his needs.
  7. Bonus. Pets LOVE radiant floors!

If you’re looking for more information on why hydronic heating might be a good option for your home or commercial building, the hydronic heating experts at Century Plumbing and Heating would be happy to answer any questions you have. We service homes in Sherwood Park, Edmonton and all surrounding areas. We are your Sherwood Park heating experts.


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